“Re-creating pages from mail-order furniture glossies doesn’t qualify as interior decorating. What it in fact demonstrates is an acute lack of vision.’’ 

Katherine Wheelock


Based in San Francisco, Ian Stallings Design is a high-end full service interior design firm founded by Ian Stallings. With over a decade of experience, Ian Stallings has completed projects globally in some of the finest homes in San Francisco, London, New York, and a furniture gallery and showroom in China. These success stories have one thing in common: a deep commitment to the client’s needs, desires, experiences, and aspirations.

An artist at heart, Stallings sees each client as a muse and their space as a canvas. Combining his profound knowledge in architecture, interior decoration, and contemporary art, Stallings does not “decorate” a home. Instead, he builds a meaningful, profound, and long lasting relationship, giving style a newfound substance.