Featured on Houzz

Mary Jo Bowling wrote a full feature on a recent project of mine on Houzz as part of their Room of the Day series.

Here is  a sneak preview:

"San Francisco interior designer Ian Stallings had never had a project like this one: He was hired by a couple in their 20s who had a brand-new house and very few things to put in it. In fact, they had only a bed and a single chair. Before they met Stallings, they were growing frustrated about getting the project off the ground. Their message to him was clear: Get it done fast.

They were headed out of town for four days, and Stallings agreed to furnish the home in that time. “I told them that they wouldn’t have custom draperies and things like that, but the house would be pulled together, and it would be a good starting point,” he said. The designer set out to give the couple a home that looked like it was years in the making." (Mary Jo Bowling, Houzz)

Read the full article here.