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Behold a Four-Day Design Miracle in Noe Valley

Mary Jo Bowling wrote an article in 7X7SF.

Here is  a sneak preview:

When interior designer Ian Stallings set out to furnish this Noe Valley house, he was facing the challenge of his career. His young clients had recently purchased the home and moved in with just a chair, a dining table, and a bed between them. After living in the empty rooms for a time, and undergoing a few false starts, they decided they wanted to get it done—fast. They were leaving town for four days, and they hired Stallings to complete the project in that time. This is the equivalent of asking a designer to move at the speed of light.

To complete the job quickly and have it look like more than a real estate staging project, Stallings tapped into the couple's history and relied on high-quality, but readily available, furniture and art. He knew that the couple loves travel, so he chose accessories with a global ethnic vibe. He mixed off-the-shelf pieces with statement art to give the rooms depth and character. As a fine artist himself, Stallings gravitates towards art. Here, he set the stage  with Jagannath Panda's surreal "Alpha Epic II."

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